What’s the best couple teams I can make with this box?

2022.01.19 18:58 levisthegoat What’s the best couple teams I can make with this box?

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2022.01.19 18:58 dendisvinqta Acting on orders of bad faith

For the past few hours i have been reading the punishment codex (excuse my wording), basically the book which establishes which actions are and which aren't legal in my country (Bulgaria, generally characterized by big and corrupt government as well as sloppy executive, legislature and judiciary) and i noticed a very interesting act.
Act 16 which mentions something like "an officer or government official who commits a crime under the laws of Bulgaria but commits that under order of bad faith is not guilty of any crime and therefor will not be prosecuted.
Excuse again my poor wording but I am not a magistrate and law isn't anywhere near my specialization but does anyone have a comment on that act and it's connection to the rule of law in democratic countries.
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2022.01.19 18:58 Cute-Department-86 Gas Logs on Propane tank don’t work below freezing

I have two 100 lbs propane tanks connected to a switchblade regulator. When the weather is below freezing (when needed most) the gas logs don’t get enough gas to stay on. I read making sure i have the regular higher than the top of the tank and did that. The tanks can be completely newly filled. Works fine when above freezing. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.19 18:58 SafeMoonXPost So Bitmart is promoting SFM V2? [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2022.01.19 18:58 mamadof210 Oh i forgot to add

I like British people
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2022.01.19 18:58 Call_an_audit-ble Meal Kit Calories

Do meal kits (specifically everyplate) include the butter and oil in their calorie estimates? Assuming it says add a tbsp of oil, is it counting that?
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2022.01.19 18:58 bwood979 Chef on San Felipe and Augusta

There is a man dressed in a full chef suit that stands on this corner around 4-6 hours a day. Anyone know why or who? He always dodges the bus then seems to disappear out of thin air
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2022.01.19 18:58 JKLTheFourth What would happen if you didn’t put back the PS5 white plate-coveting?

Will the PS5 get dirtier faster?
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2022.01.19 18:58 Flat-Profession-8945 Looking for Guild with lots of active members, Masters 2 Player with 9 Level 60 Cookies!

Played this game since October and worked every cookie one at a time. TriForce2 is my username, and I need to find another guild full of active members and help them out! Also need some new friends along the way to trade gifts
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2022.01.19 18:58 QuirkyTurtle737 what can my excuse be for texting her?

I recently got a way of contacting my crush and we messages the other day and had a short convo and Im planning on messaging her again at some point.
The problem is, I don't know what to say. I was going to just say "hey, how are you?" But idk where to go from there. If she asks why I'm messaging her or something like that, what so I say back????
The thing is, we've known of each other for years but have had a total of like 3 interactions despite being in loads of the same classes.
Please help, Thanks
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2022.01.19 18:58 SafeMoonXPost Will all the real hodlers please stand up! [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2022.01.19 18:58 theWarsinger I am the hunger, I am the flayer

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2022.01.19 18:58 SOSLoverWangNumber1 Evaluation of Bitcoin Mining Capabilities of SOS Limited ($SOS) based on SINO 1/14/22 8-K/A, SOS 1/12/22 6-K, Thor Miner website, Received Quotations, and BDLCyber (BBZ) Information. ~14,500 miners from initial purchase (7.4 BTC/DAY), ~36,000 miners upon completion (18.5 BTC/Day)

SOS Management, if you happen to see this - PLEASE PUT SOME INFORMATION OUT YOURSELVES. There better be a big PR coming. I'm frankly sick of having to do all this work myself just to have an idea what this company is doing. Your investors are fed up. I should not be the one going through all this work trying to guess what is going on and telling my fellow investors. To this date you still have not even mentioned the Texas site, no, we have to get this information from your container supplier? Come on.
Lots and lots of information here. There may be mistakes. But this is my best, thorough analysis of the bitcoin mining capabilities of SOS based purely on this $200 Million sales agreement.
Based on my calculations, with the initial $80 Million dollar order alone, not including any of the existing rigs, they will be mining 7.4 BTC per day. Assuming the Thorminer S99 PRO-98T, this will result in a monthly mining revenue of $9.6 Million dollars, with ~$7 Million of that being profit.
With the $200 Million dollar complete, not including any of the existing rigs, they will be mining 18.5 BTC per day. This will result in a monthly mining revenue of $24 Million dollars, with ~$17.7 Million being profit.
This is all assuming BTC is $43,000. These profits will obviously increase as the price of BTC rises. I welcome any critiques with my calculations.
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2022.01.19 18:58 kchoptalk New membrane filtration solution aims to improve beer quality and consistency

Envirogen has launched PureSep MF 600: a single-step, membrane filtration solution specifically designed to improve beer quality and consistency while reducing costs and waste streams. Clarification…
from KC Hop Talk https://l.kchoptalk.com/3HOdTdO
Find more links like this at: KCHopTalk
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2022.01.19 18:58 Hemmmos Just found a photo from my first judo tournament few years ago. Just thought I will share it ;) How was your first tournament?

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2022.01.19 18:58 Unlikely-Ad-9169 S6 on dokkan wiki, its such a underrated unit

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2022.01.19 18:58 Finna-Fuck-You I was looking into buying a longer handle jump rope and just wanted to know anyone’s experiences with short vs long handles

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2022.01.19 18:58 -_-Bobby_Bob-_- Jc5 idea

The return of the eDEN Corporation for JC5 would be really cool…
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2022.01.19 18:58 The_impossible88 To Len-Len

I'm just testing the waters here... I have a friend when I was in the stage of "sinusubok" and she is actually a pretty cool person we really hit it up the first time we met and I consider her as a true and good friend among the fold of the cult, when I think about it she doesnt seem to be the type of person who really wanted this life but is stuck because she was born to the church, the fact that when we hang out and eat out we would occasionally drink alcoholic drinks and boy she can drink.. just incase youre lurking around this sub Len I'm also here! (just her nickname, her real name is sooo different from this lol) You're friend from Eire
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2022.01.19 18:58 TheSlave1 What is “I’m not there” movie? Is it a Dylan biopic?

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2022.01.19 18:58 uniformwhiskeuniform hoi any horror geeks here? [16f]

Hiii anyone into horror here? I love horror i read a lot of creepypastas and watch horror movies and i read a lot of horror mangas too hmu if you're into horror too :D
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2022.01.19 18:58 11PP Help for filling a survey regarding street safety in Toronto

For one of my school project, I have to create a short survey regarding street harassments.
Sadly I realized I don't know or have many friends to ask for participating :(
I would really appreciate if you're willing to take your time to fill this survey.
It should take 1-2 minutes to complete.

Thank you
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2022.01.19 18:58 AlexisGPS_UY Cabeza de un jóven FAmplista que conozco sobre Harry Styles y su tour del 2022.

A continuación voy a escribir textualmente la reacción de un joven frente amplista de 17 años sobre el tour mundial de Harry Styles, dónde no vendrá a Uruguay. El hecho surgió en Instagram en un chat privado con una amiga, el gurí en cuestión es amigo mío también.
////////-- chat
*Post del poster sobre las fechas y ubicaciones del Styles love (2022) tour
(Él escribe): A Uruguay no viene ni el ni ningun artista internacional por q este gobierno no apuesta por eso😡 Q se vaya a cagar el Lacallito invierte en su pelo para q no se le caiga, pero no me trae el Harry. Se pudre todo 👊 Tampoco me trae a la Dua Lips ni Coldplay y veremos cual más no trae.
///////-- fin del chat
(Las faltas de ortografía fueron dejadas a propósito para ser fiel a la fuente)
Personalmente no tengo palabras para esto, no pude hacer otra cosa que recontra cagarme de risa, su reacción no es de manera irónica o con un fin humorístico, es un enojo genuino con el gobierno.
Es un chico jóven, entiendo que todavía sea algo inmaduro y probablemente al momento de votar no piense en este tipo de cosas, espero. De todas formas no deja de preocuparme, hasta ahora yo sigo siendo tremendo pelotudo, sigo diciendo y haciendo estupideces, tengo 20 años, un poco más que él, pero a su edad yo ya estaba estudiando en la facultad viviendo solo, no tenía ese tipo de cabeza, ya había bajado de la nube de pedos, solo espero que mi amigo madure y tenga un pensamiento propio bien fundamentado.
Me gustaría saber su opinión al respecto de la juventud, en este caso un chico FAmplista, seguramente hay algún chico que también sea fanático de alguno de los partidos de la coalición de gobierno con su cabeza en otro lado.
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2022.01.19 18:58 franklegsTV To get free trash removal

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2022.01.19 18:58 Accomplished-Rip9719 Thank me later for sharing this

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