I worked with resin & acrylics to make these cool abstract pieces on wood

2022.01.19 19:01 MEKYAS23 I worked with resin & acrylics to make these cool abstract pieces on wood

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2022.01.19 19:01 shotarcherZ The setup after Christmas :)

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2022.01.19 19:01 realbossbaby123 durr plant

durr plant
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2022.01.19 19:01 EloquentMonkey This Magnificent Tree (not the palm trees)

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2022.01.19 19:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: চিনি পা

চিনি পা translates to know
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2022.01.19 19:01 dappitydingdong made this video about animation in 2021, in which I talk about TOTDL

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2022.01.19 19:01 Jinsoo [USA-IA] [H] Local Cash, Paypal [W] Ryzen 5 1600, Ryzen 5 2600

Alright looking for a cheap Ryzen 1st or 2nd gen to fix up my nephew's build. Hoping to get something around 100ish. I might also be interested in Mobo's too if the price is right. Thanks for taking a look!
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2022.01.19 19:01 amknewi İnsanın ÖNCELİKLİ amacı ne olmalıdır?

View Poll
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2022.01.19 19:01 Pep9411 Restricted Subcategory Denied

So I’m new to Amazon and I’m trying to sell instant coffee. After review my application was denied and they don’t specify why. What can I do now? I have the product but can’t do anything with it because Amazon rejected it.
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2022.01.19 19:01 LittleB1gMan Saw this on r/Eyebleach and it... made me smile. Here you go

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2022.01.19 19:01 Naan_service I made a bet with some friends that I could have a thousand subs by the end of the year. I will sub to you if you sub to me

Here is my channel. No vids yet but expect to see them starting next week
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2022.01.19 19:01 PUSSEO Stacce masse

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2022.01.19 19:01 Spoospah Update to the "Mysteriously Dirty Pond"! I did a little digging and discovered that the previous employee had removed the door from the skimmer, which is used to removed surface debris, so I reapplied it and *BAM* fixed. Thank you to everyone who helped me!

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2022.01.19 19:01 acornboi999 Can someone trade me a porygon2?

can only trade through Pokémon home:)
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2022.01.19 19:01 Scar0531 Find yourself a person that can look at you the same way our pets do and hold on tight.

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2022.01.19 19:01 ExtraLengthiness5223 LumiGhost [$70k market cap] - a crypto gaming gem by an experienced game development company

I don't often invest in low-cap coins - the last time I did was last summer. However I think I have discovered a project I believe is extremely undervalued and could perform really well in the next few months (the reasons are listed below).
Let me introduce you to LumiGhost - the in-game currency for Haunted Houses, an upcoming play-to-earn ghost hunting game. Here is a short description of the game by its developers:

Haunted Houses is a game where the main target is to catch as many ghosts as possible. The game is presented in the first-person shooter mode. The player controls their character using a touch gamepad (mobile) or keyboard and mouse (PC). The player starts the game with one of the default weapons to choose from.
The main goals of the game are to unlock as many weapons as possible and make your way into the top of the leaderboard. Weapons unlock as you progress through the levels. The weapons are digital, collectible items built on the Binance Smart Chain. To buy them you need to earn money, which can be earned by destroying ghosts in game levels. Users can cal buy and sell weapons using the marketplace. These NFT items allow players to monetize their game process, exchanging objects for the tokens.
A trailer for the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=393YwfMQrDY

The reasons why I believe in the project:
- the game is scheduled to be released by the end of Q1 2022 and it already seems quite playbable by the looks of it,
- the team is public, is quite sizeable and has plenty of experience in the relevant industries according to LinkedIn and past jobs,
- the token is created by a real development company registered in the UK that has prior experience with blockchain gaming and a good reputation,
- the market cap of the token is just around $70k at the time of writing this - there are gaming tokens around with a market caps 100x larger than this without much evidence of a game actually existing.

I am not associated with the project in any way other than holding a bag. This is not financial advice, just my insight into a project I believe in.

Contract: 0x762fb5c3dac0c0a16ecb692ac0aff5a12000198d (BSC)
Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explore0xfb91e6f81bd6c19b2cce0081729904d87b3f96d7
PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x762fB5c3dAc0C0A16ecb692AC0aFf5A12000198d
FEGex: https://fegex.com/trade/bsc/0x62c9159cc3eafef48c75cdde7d9ebfcaf882103f

Website: https://lumighost.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lumighost
Telegram announcements: https://t.me/lumighostcommunity
Telegram chat: https://t.me/lumighostchat

KYC: https://idopresales.com/kyc-service/lumighost-lumighost-kyc-verification/
Liquidity lock: https://dxsale.app/app/v3/dxlplocksearch?id=0&add=0x762fB5c3dAc0C0A16ecb692AC0aFf5A12000198d&type=fair&chain=BSC
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2022.01.19 19:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: saber

saber translates to know
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2022.01.19 19:01 canceleddd Thought I lost you there for a second... Lose me? You couldn't lose your virginity in a brothel.

You couldn't lose your... -place in line -a cold -your virginity
I'm terrible at this...
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2022.01.19 19:01 awayLAnotthecity Scrolling through my to-do list like

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2022.01.19 19:01 liamjh27 I got hit by a car and I can’t get my confidence back

A couple years ago I got hit by a car while crossing a road with my guide dog. Luckily he was okay but I ended up with some pretty nasty damage to my leg which still prevents me walking long distances today.
Since this happened, I’ve completely lost all my confidence. I’ve had a lot of psychological help which has helped in terms of talking about the accident itself, but I just can not get past the mental block of crossing roads again.
Has anyone else had a similar experience and how did oyu regain your confidence?
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2022.01.19 19:01 trodrim My crush told me he’s straight. I am really destroyed and never felt this. What do I do?

So 20 in my first year of college and I met this guy about 4 months ago. We do everything together and see each other atleast 4/5 hours a day. He has a girlfriend but it’s long distance and it seemed complicated. Eventually I fell in love with him completely, and I really loved spending time with him. We did everything together, when we were in bigger groups we were always looking at each other and we’d always talk and laugh about things. We had so many common interests, to me it felt he like was simply my soulmate. I thought I caught signs of him liking me back maybe. He would accept when I touched him or put my head on his shoulder or lean on him.
I never ever felt this way about anybody and I was really fixated on him. Yesterday, I decided to tell him how I felt. He told me that he was straight and he didn’t like me like that back, and that he didn’t realize he was throwing me these signals I thought he was.
Well it just completely broke me, I feel heartbroken even though I never even did anything with him, which is quite pathetic. He says he really loves his girlfriend and even if he was bi he would be loyal. It’s just destroyed me inside, I have never felt this way. I can’t go an hour without breaking down into tears. And the worst thing is that I still have to see him everyday, and I kind of want to. He still really cares for me as a friend and I do too. But it just really hurts me a lot. I never felt that way about anybody and even though I know I will find another person eventually he just really really seemed special to me. I can’t do anything now, I can’t imagine having to do work. I have not even eaten since it happened.
Do you guys have any advice? Anything would help me right now. Just feeling awful.
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2022.01.19 19:01 minal127 WTB Aime Leon Dore 1300 Green US7.5 (UK7)

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2022.01.19 19:01 No_Hand_8174 Bhadbhabie discord

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2022.01.19 19:01 teheditor Another for the alt trophy cabinet

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2022.01.19 19:01 Curious_Cut_707 StopLoss on pancakeswap? Get ready for Stonks dApp!!! 🥞 | Check it out on stonks.cash 🌐| New ATH soon 320k mcap 🔥

We would like to present you the Stonks.exe application and new 🌐Stonks Website v0.3
➡️ STONKS dApp
We offer you in beta app version stop loss & take profit orders utility. The beta of the application is ready! Join dApp beta program
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Let's begin It's 100% community token. Right now we are focusing on marketing, Stonks App and soon we are going to be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
🎯 Our main goal - STONKS - decentralized contracts for different market STONKS APP ⤵️ BETA NOW
The Stonks App will enable convenient trading using the Pancakeswap v2 protocol on the BSC network.
💎 Tokenomics 💧 Liquidity 5️⃣% 🎁Redistribution 4️⃣% 🔥 Burn 1️⃣%
♻️ Taxes 📌 Buy tax: 10% 📌 Sell tax: 10%
🖥️ Telegram https://t.me/stonksCoinBsc 📱 Discord https://discord.gg/U4bTdKjs
💲 Where to buy? https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x52fd0db7597c332c0d3449a35f03625d881c3117 🎰 Contract address: 0x52fd0db7597c332c0d3449a35f03625d881c3117 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 19.01.2022
2021 Q4
⚙️ Initial Dex Offering - ✅Done ✅ 👨🏼 300 holders - ✅Done ✅ 💵 At least 350k mcap - ✅Done ✅ 📎 Whitepaper v1 - ✅Done ✅
2022 Q1 👨🏼 700 holders - ✅Done ✅ 💰1m mcap - ⚙️ in progress 💡Idea development - ✅Done ✅ 🔧 Building development team - ✅Done ✅ 👨🏼 1000 holders - ⚙️in progress 📈 Marketing - ⚙️in progress ✍️ Coin market Cap & Coingecko Listings - ⚙️in progress
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