Can anyone recommend an email app that let's you set notifications per folder?

2022.01.19 19:35 51_50 Can anyone recommend an email app that let's you set notifications per folder?

Hello! Recent android convert. Im trying to find an email app that allows me to set notifications per folder. Ive tried all the popular apps but cant find any that has this ability.
Specifically, I have a few folders in my work account that I would like to be synced but I do not want to get notifications when a new mail is received in said folders (these are folders that get tons of emails per day).
Anyone know of anything that does this?
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2022.01.19 19:35 yinkalee Question : How long would it take to finish this ?? (TW version)

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2022.01.19 19:35 YYako Very noice Helminth combo with Caliban

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2022.01.19 19:35 NinjaPhoenix2279 What should I name my zoo?

I’m creating a Yellowstone themed zoo with the local wildlife, but I’m not sure what to name it. Thanks
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2022.01.19 19:35 promaria IPN acier pour Iracoubo Guyane

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2022.01.19 19:35 DanHarkinz Crew Name Pending-Xbox Crew- LF one more for our crew!

Are you looking to be in a crew that's working towards Bloodstone each season to unlock shit your never going to customize your character with and where there's literally no money for competing?
We got all the bases covered. If you can play songs and contribute each week, than that's what we're looking for.

We try to hit 20 song plays a week during week 1-4 and 40 well 5+ on push weeks. Since this role is more about flexibility, I'm only asking for 20 songs each week. If you can do more, great, if not? No worries.
We use discord and try to play together as time permits.
If you want to play and think you could be a good fit you can DM or reply here with:
GT Favorite Instrument Skill Level Song you fucking hate playing Song you fucking love playing
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2022.01.19 19:35 NevermoreHeartache Is the dsmp really problematic?

I've seen a lot of videos talking abt what the mcyts have done, ex. tommyinnit said lesbiphobic things, dream saying the r slur and other things, wilbur mentioning h1tl3r in his song, etc. can somebody give me closure on these allegations please? (link to the vid)
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2022.01.19 19:35 jHockeyboi Two Quick question from a newbie.

Which cryptocurrency is typically most used for daily expenses? Going on holidays and paying locals for food and drinks etc?
When paying, how do I know I'm paying the right amount? For instance if I go to Canada and buy a beer for $6 bucks, how do I know I'm paying $6 bucks worth of bitcoin/crypto when there are so many numbers after the decimal point.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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2022.01.19 19:35 -xc- ABSOLUTELY NO F’N WAY! Lmaooo WHAT?!?

Long story short. I’ve been searching for soooo long.... so long, for a second flash drive. To complete the skier task “Turn in 2 FiR flash drives”. First one I found was like 2 weeks ago. Well just found the second one. Ran to extract. Finally did it! Right after I complete that quest Jaeger hits me a quest “Find THREEEEEEEEEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHHH flash drives and turn them in!” Omg! Plz tell me I can craft them in hideout. Holy hell! (Btw yes this is my first wipe, was not expecting that)
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2022.01.19 19:35 wooboyyikes Cayo Perico Crashed on Two Seperate Occasions in the Final Cutscene

I'm so fucking frustrated and want to vent.
Last night I did Cayo Perico with 2 friends. We grabbed 1.9 million in loot, and my game crashed in the final cutscene. Incredibly frustrating, but I got over it.
Just now today I was doing the heist again solo, I got 1.4 million in loot, and the game crashed in the cutscene of me going out of the north gate.
I've submitted a support ticket to Rockstar cause I'm praying they'll give me SOMETHING for this, but either way I'm so pissed. The game is so fucking grindy and when you finally save up to get the one heist that is actually a semi efficient grind, the game crashes when you've already won and you get nothing.
I'm on a PS5 so it's not even like I'm on a decade old base PS4 or something.
Somebody kill me
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2022.01.19 19:35 AgincourtGuy Ancient Greek Cancel Culture

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2022.01.19 19:35 glizzyglazer88 [Wts] xps2-0 (ky)

Looking to sell an xps2-0 very light use only salt is from getting it in and out of the safe very MINIMAL scuffs from moving it is good with no damage. Comes with case and original contents. Looking to get $420
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2022.01.19 19:35 Post-Hardcore [USA-CA] [H] Acer Predator x25 360hz monitor [W] Local cash,paypal

Hello everyone,
Selling off my Acer Predator x25 360hz monitor. Used it for about a year no scratches and was well taken care of. There is a dead(or stuck?) pixel near the middle of the screen. Didn't notice til many months later after purchase but It's pretty hard to notice. Absolute fantastic monitor for fps games like Valorant/CSGO
Specs on monitor include:
IPS Panel
DisplayHDR 400
.3ms response time
24.5 inchs
Asking $425 shipped or $400 local. 91730
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2022.01.19 19:35 Miserable_Donut17 I played a role playing game years ago and can’t remember the name

This is my first time on Reddit so sorry if I have the format incorrect or anything else as I’m not familiar with Reddit etiquette.
A few years ago I played this role playing game where there were a few different pretty boys to choose from and you would hang out with them at a magic school you got accepted into with the condition you passed all the exams. The protagonist was a girl that could talk to animals and would heal them.
There was one character called Guy and his father was evil or something. The app kinda had an anime art style to it, it’s a mobile game and had like an episodes thing going on where you had to wait for a ticket to read the next chapter.
Just wondering if anyone knows this game but if not thanks for taking the time to read this. Tl:dr nostalgic game I need to revisit
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2022.01.19 19:35 Paranemec Asus RT-1900P router has slow connection (350Mbps/1Gbps)

I have a 1Gbps connection, and my router (Asus RT-1900P) seems to cap everything at about 200-350Mbps. The router has a speed test on it, so I've confirmed that it's the router getting that speed, not the connected devices or wifi.

From this I've isolated the problem as the router. I turned off QoS. It was the only suggestion I found from searching the sub to fix this, but there was no change. Other than a basically default setup, I haven't really changed anything. Firmware was updated today, again no improvements.
My ISP has no further suggestions other than it's my router, and they can't troubleshoot it. They reset the MAC address a few times while I was on the line with them with, again, no improvement.
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2022.01.19 19:35 MalachiWithTheVybe DOMINICK FOLLOWS BRANDON XD

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2022.01.19 19:35 Sarikai_ Zlatan, Mandzukic, and Giroud.

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2022.01.19 19:35 StrategyPublic4660 give me some stickers :)

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2022.01.19 19:35 isellcorn360 What is up with Shoreline spawns?

Multiple raids, if i spawn on the road to customs side within 1 minute i'm running into players. One time I barely finished looting the stash right on the edge RIGHT as i had spawned and 2 players were already rushing me. The map is a decent size and i know at time you'll run in the same direction as some other squad. But what i'm talking about are the times i spawn, start running and are already getting shot at. If i spawn on the opposite side i never have an issue running into players even when I'm going out of my way to try and find some. It's just annoying how I sit for 5-10 minutes for a match only to live for 2 maybe 3 minutes because a multi person squad is gunning me down from both sides.
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2022.01.19 19:35 Chunlisundies Make Jury Duty mandatory for all traffic violations, no matter severity.

Nobody wants to do jury duty! Everyone would drive way better.
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2022.01.19 19:35 FeLiOn_Minty I'm working on Glamrock Sun and Moon art

Sorry for not posting withered Moon yet, I haven't got around to doing him I've been busy and distracted irl.
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2022.01.19 19:35 Wayward_Prometheus Video: Ciryl Gane: ‘I want to fight against Jon Jones’ after beating Francis Ngannou at UFC 270

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2022.01.19 19:35 NotRightJustCorrect What is a living wage? And how to know what wage to fight for based on your own personal living situation.

There were a few people who gave me a little bit of shit on my previous post for calling $13.75 a “living wage”. And I can understand why they might do so, but unfortunately those individuals have only a surface understanding of what it means for a wage to be a living wage.
The truth of the matter is that a living wage varies depending on locale, number of working adults, and number of dependents.
So when I use the number $13.75 and call it a “living wage”, that is the number which applies to my own personal situation. I’m not you; I’m me. And me is a single adult with no kids living in a midwestern city. So I’m going to use the number which applies to me, and not you.
In order to determine what constitutes a living wage for your own personal situation, you should click on the following link:
There, you can search via locale - either city, country, or metropolitan area - and within that search will be broken down the cost of living within that locale for every conceivable household size and type.
I give you this information NOT to say that $13.75 is a living wage for all, but so that you can use this living wage calculator to fight for a fair wage as it pertains to your own situation.
If I had kids, $13.75 would not be a living wage. However, I don’t have kids, so $13.75 is a living wage for me. I do earn significantly more than that - not rich by any standard, but if I put my money where it should go then I’ll be able to retire.
Worth noting: the MIT living wage calculator uses 52 working weeks a year to calculate a living wage. This also works for my own personal situation because I have two weeks’ paid holiday yearly. So I work 50 weeks a year but get paid for 52. If your company doesn’t offer paid holiday, you need to either fight for that condition, or fight for a higher wage that will allow you to take unpaid holiday without falling below your living wage.
There is no such thing as one single, universal living wage for the entire country and for everyone who lives in it. Please use the tool I gave you, put together by the most qualified individuals arguably on this entire planet, to your own advantage.
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2022.01.19 19:35 NewsElfForEnterprise Activision Blizzard acquisition: Sony takes a big hit in the console wars

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2022.01.19 19:35 ZeReaperofZeath [Non-COVID/Advice] Girlfriend is taking the NCLEX in March.

Hi all. Non COVID post here, I came to seek some advice. My girlfriend just graduated college to become an RN, and she is taking her NCLEX in March. She has become extremely stressed and is consistently studying. I have two questions I wanted to ask to this subreddit for some advice.
I have 0 knowledge about nursing, or the NCLEX, or anything, but I want to make the experience as painless/pain free as possible for her. I also want to get her a few gifts relevant to her field when she passes (I know she will)

Please let me know if you have any advice/suggestions for the things I mentioned above. Any and all advice is welcome.
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