2022.01.19 20:20 Sleek-n-Shine START THE HORNS!!! FOOT SOLDIERS UNITE!!

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2022.01.19 20:20 Karrsum Blursed_rat

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2022.01.19 20:20 SashaShelest I made a pendant from a real dried rose🌹

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2022.01.19 20:20 Bolohat This is a remix album I made out of Jay-Z's Black Album, and a series of noises and vintage computer function samples.

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2022.01.19 20:20 IRideZs Crisis Line of the Fox Valley needs volunteers

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2022.01.19 20:20 dataentrytard Enter to win 2 Large Sized Gallery Aesthetic Canvases from Rebhorn. $500 Retail Value. (01/28/2022) {US CA}

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2022.01.19 20:20 human31415926535 Love to see it

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2022.01.19 20:20 SfsStudios My First game that I finished since starting game dev full time is out on Steam and Xbox! Here's my journey.

Hey guys, I am Ben a solo full time indie game developer. I wanted to say hi and tell you a little bit about my studio and the journey we took from high school dreamer to publishing a game on Xbox in 11 years! I separated it into parts because I got a bit ramblely at points. If there a specific part you want to hear about feel free to skip around. As well feel free to ask me any questions about my experience or anything :). I have the big take-aways in bullet points at the bottom.
The Beginning
Around 2011 While I was still in high school I was a passionate gamer and loved playing games on Xbox. I still didn't know what I wanted to do as an adult so I figured "Making games would be cool" So I started looking into how I could make a game that would play on Xbox. I stumbled across The Xbox indie program that was on Xbox 360. After further reading I found out that those games all used something called "the XNA Framework" and something called "C#". Not knowing anything about programming, game design, art or anything I started messing around and teaching myself things. After doing this on the side as a hobby for the next two(ish) years I decided on a plan. I would go to college once I graduated I would get some sort of 9-5 programming job while saving up a ton of money to do my game development full time. Doing the math I figured I would be able to do it in 3-5 years after graduating. An important part of this plan would be to keep honing my game development skills and building up my brand on the side. That brings me toooo..
My first game Inevitability 2013-2015
I ended up not getting accepted to my first choice school. I am really bad at taking standardized tests so they didn't like my test scores. This fueled me so much. That summer after graduating high school I spent all of my free time pouring my hear and soul into what I would end up publishing as my first game. Inevitability. At this point Steam still required indie developers to go through Steam Greenlight to get on the platform so I made a greenlight page and published it on my own website in 2014. The game looked horrible and it was buggy, but it was mine and I learned so much from making it. I continued to update Inevitability and eventually got accepted through Steam greenlight to get it on Steam in 2015! The reviews that came in were awful. Most people hated the sub par graphics and sometimes buggy gameplay. I even tried to submit this game to Xbox (this was my original goal with gamedev afterall) and got it rejected. However the core game was still fun and I got a couple of devoted fans that fell in love with the game like I did. I continued to improve my art and programming skills through college and started work on my second game...
My second game Rekindling 2015-2019
At this point I had graduated college and was working fulltime as a web developer, while still spending weekends and nights working on game development. I learned so much from Inevitability and put a lot more focus on making the game prettier and have deeper gameplay as well as making it more polished. I also decided this time to release into early access so I could get community feedback on the game sooner. As well at this time I updated everything from the old unsupported XNA to Monogame (its really good if you haven't checked it out before I highly recommend it). Rekindling is a zombie survival settlement game and it ended up getting much more favorable reviews on Steam than Inevitability, it currently sits at a 77% Positive review score compared to the 51% that Inevitability had. It had some pretty modest sales, but nothing really to write home about. Our biggest obstacle was everyone treated it as a ripoff Rimworld instead of its own game. The game wasn't even based on Rimworld, a game I had never played, but the simulation and art style I went with had people make the comparisons and unable to look at the game as its own entity. So I knew for my next project I would have to make something that would be completely unique in its own way.
Going fulltime 2019
Before I start talking about my most recent game. At this point I had been working at my job fulltime for 4ish years and saved up enough money to be self sustaining even with 0 profits for the next few years. So I figured why not take the plunge and pour even more of my time and soul into this thing I love called gamedev. So in November 2019 I started doing this fulltime! At that point I still did almost weekly updates for Rekindling while starting on a new project that I was determined would be polished and good enough to have on consoles.
Operation Zeta 2019-Present
So I started working on a game fulltime that would not only look and feel a lot more polished (I learned a lot of UX things from my old job as well as had been practicing pixel art A LOT), but would be good enough to go on Xbox. I had always loved space and had been thinking about the universe that I made Inevitability in since I was in highschool so I decided to make a space game in that universe! After a tough year with being alone in an apartment all of 2020 working on this game (COVID made this even more lonely) I ended up doing a lot of things outside my comfort zone that I ended up loving. Such as Streaming my dev process on Twitch and reaching out to more people and asking for help on Patreon. As well as commissioning art from random strangers on the internet to use as my cover art. I Launched OZ into early access on Steam in August of 2020. I was very disappointed in the draw it had. Steam at this point was allowing any game dev with $100 to post games on the platform and it made the whole storefront clogged with so many games, it was really hard to stand out. However I pressed on and decided to reach out again to Xbox to see if they would be interested in having OZ on Xbox. That November I ended up hearing back from them that my game was accepted to the ID@Xbox program!! I was beyond excited about this. This is what my dream was since I was in high school to be able to get a game on Xbox (We got accepted to another console as well at this time, but wait about a month to hear more about that ;) ) Anyways it was real now. This game had to be as polished as possible to be on Xbox. I spent the next year porting the game and polishing it more and more making sure the game would be bug and crash free for the launch as well as look nice and be fun to play.
Xbox and Steam Launch So last Friday we launched the game on Xbox and Steam and day one we exceeded all of our early access sales on Steam from Xbox! One of the highlights of this was getting tweeted out by the official ID@Xbox account and seeing the little Xbox logo before our trailer on their youtube channel :)!!! We haven't sold as many as copies as I would of liked to, too comfortably still do game development fulltime, however with the earnings of our games, our patreon supporters & some smart investing I still have enough funds to hopefully get another game out before I have to go back to a 9-5 job. Overall I think my biggest failure was in marketing. I had a few marketing campaigns and reached out to a ton of content creators, however I think I started too late and still didn't devote enough time and energy to marketing. SO yet again I have learned even more and plan to grow even more for my future games. All of this to say you should go checkout Operation Zeta its pretty cool and I only need one more Steam review to get to the 10 I need for a score on Steam. ;) Here's a link for the trailer!
Final thoughts & Learnings Overall I have learned a lot from being a full time solo indie developer for the past two years and even from before that from making games for the past 11 years. Biggest takeaways are.. *Make sure your game looks good. It doesn't matter how good the gameplay is, if it looks bad people won't play it to get to the gameplay. This includes cover arts and promo materials *Make sure your game looks and is marketed as unique! People don't like games that look like rip-offs of other games, and it will skew the whole way they look at your game. *Build a community early, you can even get some extra revenue from it! Patreon & my Twitch streaming have actually been able to bring in a more consistent and reliable income than my games have at times so its really good to be doing these early and often. As well having a Discord to just talk about random things is a fun easy way to build a community of people. *Start marketing early!!! With how bloated the games industry is now adays its really important to create and maintain relationships with game press and influencers for your games. No one will be able to play your game if they never hear about it! Depending on the default marketing from the platforms you release on is not good enough anymore.
Thank you so much for listening to my rant, wanted to talk about it all somewhere and hopefully help someone :) Do let me know if you have any questions about anything or comments in general I would love to hear them.
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2022.01.19 20:20 jakep623 New User: Staking APY Question

I am all signed up for the platform, staked $400 in CRO for the basic red card, and am about to basically jump head first into using this platform a lot.
Something I cannot understand: how does staking for these high APY's (specifically with stablecoins) work? Whats the sauce here? If I move money from a normal savings account and just continually stake my money at 10%, how can the platform do this?
Also, when I am paid weekly, does the payment go into the account where the other crypto is staked, or does it come to me as just that stable coin and then I can choose what to do with it?
Main question is how does this work. Thanks
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2022.01.19 20:20 RepresentativeFlan21 What does everyone think of leagues so far ?

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2022.01.19 20:20 ujke_brf Need help w/area and world adventure teams

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2022.01.19 20:20 obakemanu Pokemon L.A. bugs in Yuzu

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2022.01.19 20:20 flint246 Android App Feedback/Issues

Hello, I've been a subscriber to the service for several months now. Been pretty satisfied with the experience on iOS and through the web app. The Android side of things, however, have been a little rough. Not enough to discontinue service but I really hope it improves. Here's some feedback for the developers:

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2022.01.19 20:20 ThrowRA_over_it I want to reach out to my ex and put things to rest, but don’t want to hurt him even more

I (22F) have had a.. rough draw at life. I want to preface with the fact that no elaborations on that are an excuse for my actions; my immaturity is my deepest and most inexcusable regret. I recognize the events of my own life are never a reason to cause chaos and pain in anyone else’s. Unfortunately I didn’t always think that, and I try to take precaution now against actions I may not outright realize could be harmful.
Throughout my life, the one person I regret hurting the most was my high school boyfriend. We started dating in middle school, fell in love as much as high schoolers could, and ended up breaking up junior year. The breakup was entirely my fault.
My ex was from a nuclear upper-middle class family and had a childhood I couldn’t relate to. I was jealous of what he had, unreasonably angry that I didn’t have it. Looking back, I was toxic and immature. I assumed he had a perfect family life, but he might have assumed the same about me.
I lived with my grandparents in an equally upper-middle class home. Father abandoned me and mother pretended to be dead until she needed a housemaid from my 9 thru 12 (which came with its own suitcases of trauma). Grandparents were always nice until I got back; at that point I was “developed” enough for my grandfather, and my grandmother turned a blind eye.
I never told my ex what was happening. I hadn’t wanted to be a burden; he was so happy and sweet and innocent. I didn’t want to expose that side of the world to him, but I did worse. Junior year I became friends with a neighbor of mine, a grade below us. There was no reason for me not to have known better.
He claimed to be with some top secret assassin organization, delved into his trauma and I formed a bond with him over that. Of course it was absolutely ridiculous and while I never truly believed him, I guess I wanted to. It was horrible of me, but I was surrounded by so many happy and pure people. I was just happy to have a kindred spirit.
My “friend”s behavior gradually went downhill. He eventually convinced me my ex was cheating by forging screenshots of him and a girl my friend knew I was randomly jealous of for having better hair or something. It was my fault for believing it. I don’t remember but I doubt they were actually convincing, I think I wanted an excuse but knew it was wrong deep down.
I dumped my ex for cheating and immediately rebounded to my “friend” who of course was there to comfort me after my own mistakes. It destroyed my ex. I was in most of my classes with him, and saw he was a shell of his former bright and happy self until he transferred classes. We had planned college, marriage, life. I didn’t know what love was then but now I know he really did love me.
Karma came to give me mine and I’m glad it did. It’s been several years now, but in recent months it’s been weighing on me so heavily. I wonder how my ex is, if he’s happy now. While I know he must be over me by now, I desperately hope he knows none of it was his fault.
I want to reach out so badly and tell him, but I feel like it’s selfish and I might reopen old wounds. I wouldn’t be trying to get him back; I’ll never deserve him. I just want to make sure he knows how amazing he was, how none of it was on him and how I was a toxic kid he was always too good for.
I’ve been debating back and forth on reaching out. I had a moment of weakness and looked up his older sibling to see how they were doing. They made a post on Instagram about getting into nursing school and I liked it. Regardless of my ex, I was really proud of them for that. I considered a NC option, telling his sibling instead of my ex as they’re a very close family.
Now I’m here completely unsure of what to do. I don’t want to cause any more pain; I don’t want to leave any remaining pain that I might be able to help. I’m okay with it being weird because honestly their opinions of me can’t get worse, but that doesn’t matter. I’d rather be the weird ex that finally let him have peace than potentially be leaving him with internalized trauma that hinders him from having another lasting and trusting relationship. To my knowledge, though I haven’t exactly kept tabs, he’s had one girlfriend since me and it didn’t last long. I can only hope that isn’t my fault but deep down I know it most likely is.
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2022.01.19 20:20 cyclinginvancouver Ford to announce Thursday that restaurants will be allowed to reopen Jan. 31 at 50% capacity

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2022.01.19 20:20 iCurly990 Does anyone have bags of white roses being sold at your nooks right now?

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2022.01.19 20:20 Jolly_Construction84 Genesect 8731 4719 6870 and 1329 6314 0299

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2022.01.19 20:20 Jolly_Construction84 Genesect 8731 4719 6870 and 1329 6314 0299

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2022.01.19 20:20 wondering-soul What are my position options after SOC analyst? (Filler)

I just started a SOC position at an MSP after a couple years working helpdesk/jr sys admin. I plan to stay here at least a year but my current shift is 12pm-8:30pm which I don’t care for but it’s fine since I have a job and can cut my teeth with security. I get anxious if I’m not working towards something and working in a SOC and the pay I have now were my long term goals so it’s time to set some new long term goals (2-3 years out).
If it’s relevant I’ll have my BS by then and I’m learning python. I’m also not looking for “x comes after SOC”, just some roles I could look into that you typically need SOC experience for.
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2022.01.19 20:20 Expensive-Night-5840 going through a breakup… some positivity needed <3

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2022.01.19 20:20 ComiX-Fan Elektra #100 reveals her first encounter with a major Daredevil villain

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2022.01.19 20:20 TechyTNT Good Matchups for Udyr Top?

I really like to play udyr but I suck at jungle and want to get as much progress as I can with his eternals before his rework is released. Any tips for good matchups?
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2022.01.19 20:20 SoulTaker669 Xbox series S keeps saying my wifi password is wrong

Before anyone asks yes the password is right and I've tried hard resetting 10 times now. As well as my router. Don't know what else I can try at is point.
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2022.01.19 20:20 homersimpson990 Hi. I am a 21 year old male with some awful handwriting and you can see below. Could I possibly have a condition/disorder that wasn't noticed as a kid. Anybody know how I can improve? This has been the bane of my existence since I was child?

Hi. I am a 21 year old male with some awful handwriting and you can see below. Could I possibly have a condition/disorder that wasn't noticed as a kid. Anybody know how I can improve? This has been the bane of my existence since I was child? submitted by homersimpson990 to Handwriting [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 20:20 N-Money4800 Finding Frogs

I’m new to Squishmellows— I recently started seeing someone who loves Frog squishmellows. I tried to see if there’s any special valentines ones this year. Does anyone know if there’s any special Valentines Day ones that I should look for?
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