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The separating process of Avocado Mango Spinach Apple Smoothie within the centrifuge.

2022.01.19 19:06 Micrographstories The separating process of Avocado Mango Spinach Apple Smoothie within the centrifuge.

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2022.01.19 19:06 Tommy64xx Who's on the slopes?! Hit me up for a chat!

32 m uk
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2022.01.19 19:06 IAPH420 2 scanners 1 computer usb switch needed

My 2 minute google search did not yield any results. Looking for a USB switch that allows you to connect 2 scanners to 1 computer.
The 2 scanners TS240 are identical but use different banking software.
The 2 softwares act up when 2 scanners are connected at the same time therefore when using one software the other scanner has to be disconnected.
I'm setting up for someone who can’t figure out how to plug/unplug a USB cord in the back a computer, so I was looking for an A/B switch that can do that but everything I find is for 2 computer 1 peripheral.
Any suggestions?
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2022.01.19 19:06 dennisrodwoman Old Hardware store in LES for photo shoots ?

I believe I saw an exhibit on this at the international photography museum or somewhere; There was/is a hardware store on the LES that is known for its distinct red background for taking passports photos, but they extended to simply recreationally taking portrait shots of lower manhattan residents? Does anyone have the name of the hardware store or any relevant info?
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2022.01.19 19:06 zanoo911 Does "connect the bank" mean EFT or Pre-Authorized Debit on Newton?

I have a problem with E-transfer limits with my bank, they only offer $20,000/week after I asked to max out my transaction limits, but since I need to make a 25K transaction, I may be forced to connect my bank. My question is what kind of transfer is that? EFT or Pre-Authorized Debit? And what is the difference? And is it a good idea to connect your bank with your exchange account? I've heard it's best to deal with e-transfers?
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2022.01.19 19:06 FuzzyGroundhog Hello! I am new here and this community looks awesome. Looking for Hotel Pools 🌴cassettes (Fall ‘18, Palmscapes, or Pacific) that might not be on eBay or Discogs. Any interest/info, let me know!

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2022.01.19 19:06 MidKnightshade [WP] European settlers are having trouble colonizing North America due to skirmishes and attacks from the supernaturals. In a last ditch effort to rescue their colonies they begin importing European supernaturals to help them combat the Native. But the price is the reinforcements get a colony.

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2022.01.19 19:06 yomamalol1 Any advice I'd welcome.

So it's an obvious we all love camping but I slowly want to make the transition into Bushcraft Camping. I guess what I am asking is how do I find out what areas allow long term camping? I mean like far from civilization. Minimum 5 miles away. Thank you.
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2022.01.19 19:06 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Biden hails ‘enormous progress’ during first year in office

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2022.01.19 19:06 110110 Piece of evidence that Tesla factors in the FSD option on vehicle value

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2022.01.19 19:06 fiqabumm Definitely drawing a Penis

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2022.01.19 19:06 mexicofan shart i b closet

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2022.01.19 19:06 DejectaMemora The Night I Achieved My Dreams

I used to have this recurring nightmare as a kid.
There would be a woman walking down my driveway. Sometimes she distorted herself, appearing as a sweet grandmotherly type. She would slowly come to my door and knock but my whole family would be asleep, so she would let herself in. As she passed into my house and slowly up the stairs to my room, I would hear her opening each door in the hallway. I never knew what she was doing but it always felt sinister. Once she finally got to the end of the hallway to my room I would watch as the door quietly crept open, before trying to hide under my blanket. I’d listen to her bare footsteps arriving up to my bed, and if I wasn’t shocked into not moving I might peak my head out to see the woman. But she was never there, standing above me. I’d usually be relieved for a moment, turning to go back to sleep knowing it was just a bad dream. And when I’d turn she would be there. Sickly green with nappy hair and cataract eyes. She would be smiling showing me her black gums, and broken and missing teeth.
The shock would usually wake me up and send me into a crying fit. It was an ongoing problem. My mom would tend to trying to coax me down for sometime but eventually she would just end shouting down the hallway that;
“It’s just a nightmare, it’s not real!” Knowing that there was little she could do to stop me from dreaming up things to scare myself. I was young then but not young enough to go waddling to her room to sleep next to her. I still remember when she told me I was getting too old for it and I protested asking if I could at the very least sleep on the floor. She didn’t agree but I still would from time to time until she had to put an end to that too. “You’re getting too old for this. You know better than to let a bad dream scare you.”
We started a process of our own diy therapy, little habits to help me during the night. And they worked for awhile. I’d think happy thoughts and keep a radio on so that I wouldn’t feel so alone in the room. We even got a lava lamp in place of a night light. Things were getting better and then they got much worse.
The woman from my dreams showed up as she usually did. Only this time I heard the screams coming from my mothers room. And then as she moved to my siblings room I’d head them cry out in terror before being forced silent. It was different, she was never more than a presence, never violent, never..
My door crept open as it always did, only I didn’t hide. I stood up and shouted at her to;
“Go away!” And when I didn’t see her emerge I felt for a second victorious. Then I heard a crashing as my lava lamp was knocked off my night stand. The glass shattered sensing the waxy liquid spilling onto my carpet. I turned around to see the cold decayed smile of the wretched woman. Chills ran down my spine, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak. Fear paralyzed me. And in her dead eyes I could make out something I’d never noticed before. Anger.
I didn’t wake up like I normally did. It was my first time experiencing sleep paralysis. I laid there facing my nightstand for what felt like an eternity. It was confusing at first until I realized I couldn’t turn my head. That I couldn’t blink, or speak.
There was enormous sense of dread and panic coursing through me. I was stuck with the woman and now she was forcing me to stay with her even as I was trying to wake up. I felt tears forming in my eyes.
I finally was able to wake up. I’m not sure what did it, but I immediately got up to run to my moms room. But the second I swung my feet off my bed I felt the piercing pain of a shard of glass in my foot. I looked down with wide eyes to see my lava lamp had fallen over in the night.
“What’s happening to me?” I asked my mom as she tended to my foot.
“This might sting.” She interrupted pouring hydrogen peroxide on the fresh wound. I winced but prided myself on not crying. My mother sighed heavily as she mulled over how to explain it to me. “Sweetheart you’re having sleep terrors. I used to get them when I was your age too. They’re like nightmares only worse. I’m sorry I didn’t take you seriously before. I’ll schedule an appointment and see if we can’t get you some help, Okay?”
“But what about my lava lamp?” I asked her trying my best not to remember the face of the wicked woman from the night before.
“You must have knocked it over when you shaking. It’s okay we’ll get you another.” She paused for a second. “We’ll just keep it out of arms reach this time.” She smiled at me and that was reassurance enough for me.
At first the doctors didn’t think it would be a good idea to give me a medication at such a young age. My mom tried her best to help me get better sleep by changing my diet, putting up Christmas lights in my room for me, she even bought me whale and rain sound cds. It worked but not for long. The nightmares were changing. I didn’t see the woman as often but now someone else was. He would only showed up when I as awake. A man made up of shadows wearing only a half face mask that reminded me of the phantom of the opera. He liked to jump on my chest.
I was a teenager by the time I had gotten used to my inability to sleep peacefully. I’d taken up smoking weed and avoiding falling asleep like I was a character in nightmare on elm street. Anything I could do to calm my nerves and maybe not have to wake up drenched in sweat and screaming. It became so routine that it was just another part of life. And that in a way helped. Normal kids would get yelled at by their parents for staying awake until 3am playing video games but not me. Not that it was ever something I ever really liked bragging about even though my friends acted like it was.
Then there was the night I got accepted into university. My mom was thrilled and threw me a party. It was a good night, I was happy about my future, I had finally done it, all my hard work paying off. I’d finally get to move on and grow up like my siblings had before me, nothing could bring me down. Until of course I went into my bedroom.
I was exhausted and thought I’d just lay down and maybe since I felt so good I would actually be able to have one of those dreamless nights where nothing happens. I was wrong.
The knocking started. It sounded so foreign to me at the time, like listening to a song you hadn’t heard in years, familiar but forgotten. The wet slopping bare foot steps slithered down the hallways, echoing louder off the raised ceiling of our stairwell. Methodically creaking the floor boards beneath them with deliberate pace.
I felt the air escape my room. The vacuum of the dark corners thrumming, tearing away at my walls like claws rasping down a chalk board. I was falling, into a place far away, unknown and unseen, and as I fell I took everything but the sound of rusted hinges creeping my bedroom door open.
“Congratulations.” The voice echoed through the abysmal cathedral of all that was not. It bounced around me, the sound waves dancing along invisible walls, turning the words inside out.
Kazoos went off and balloons floated up from under my feet and in front of me. It was the only color to be seen in the vantablack. They hung there in front of my face, mocking me. I stuck my finger out and pushed the balloon only for it to POP! And out of the explosion I watched a lava lamp fall to my feet and shatter. The glass spun out like they were on ice across the nothing. It shifted in an amoebic physicality, dripping into itself and spreading incoherently. I couldn’t look away. I can’t look.. away. My hair stood up. There was something cold behind me. Something terrible.
I tried to steady my breathing. Tried to calm my nerves. I thought I’d escaped this. I thought..
Her smile was a mile wild, each tooth splitting and cracked. The inky black muck hung and spilled from her gums resembling spiders webs. Her face was scabbing. Pieces of flesh missing and relaxed with maggot infested gapes and bubbling wounds. I was disturbed to my core, my blood turning to a thick sludge of ice. But this time was different, this time I was angry.
“Why are you doing this? Why me!?” I screamed through gritted teeth. My mouth didn’t move but my words bellowed out into the void. They carried deep into the distance, stretching out into forever. But no answer came. The woman turned and started walking away. I wanted to ask where she was going but I was mainly just glad she was gone.
I sat down and looked around at the blackness. I felt the abandon, the fullness of the empty. I laid back and let myself sink and sail, fall and land. When I finally woke up, my room was just as dark. It took my eyes some time to distinguish the ridges of the shadows on my dresser and window from that of the endless emptiness. As I scanned down the blankets of my bed I saw the masked man crouching by my feet, watching me. The shadowed man bent over into an animalistic pounce and began his steady crawl up my legs. I could feel the stark cold of his palms as he, it lifted their mask to my face. Staring at me with eyeless and transient the chill of it turned into pressure.
“You can’t hurt me. You’re not real.” I thought I was just thinking it to myself but the phantom was listening. And through the blackness of it’s absent presence it may as well have laughed in my face. Every neuron in my brain began firing off sending panicked signals to my amygdala and back. I forced my eyes closed as my blood became tea on a kettle, steaming out a high pitched scream. And when I opened them I popped. My nose let out splat and began to gush with sticky red blood. The masked shadow was no longer above me but the pressure was still there. I got up quickly covering my face with my hand as I made my way out my room and to the bathroom. Only for me to hear the faint sound of kazoos from behind me as I swung my door open.
I took no time switching the lights on and stuffing my nose with tissue paper. I held my head back and felt the blood sliding down the my throat. The pressure persisted and my head was beginning to ache. I was so tired and shocked I began to sway as I held my nose, just as impatient as I was afraid to go back to my room. The blood started collecting, it was thick with mucus the sluggish congelation began sticking in my neck. I went to cough but it clung. I felt the gagging sensation of being chocked by my own bodily fluid. My coughs turning to dry heaves before I finally puked up the red wastes. Looking down into the toilet I watched as my blood swirled and floated in the water. Thin red lines billowing like smoke away from thicker black clots. It reminded me of the lava lamp.
When I finally looked up into the mirror I half expected the phantom to be behind me, maybe hiding just out of sight or behind the shower curtain. And even though I didn’t see him it didn’t make me feel any better, as if he was just waiting for me to let my guard down. Yet still I thought with my nose stuffed and head spinning, as bad as my night terrors have been my whole life, they’d never been like that.
My therapist would later say it was all in my head as they usually did just with different words. That;
“The mind is a powerful muscle” and how “we can trick ourselves into believing and even feeling things that aren’t there.” They ended up prescribing me benzodiazepines, saying that the stress of moving out and going to school may have been intensifying my condition. My doctor even suggested looking into a CAT scan or EKG whatever the hell that was.
It was a two weeks before I was to move into my dorm. A state school only an hour’s drive from home. My mom pushed it hard saying that state schools are cheaper for residents, and that my scholarships would only work in state. One of my scholarships would only work in state but regardless I think I got what she was trying to say. That she didn’t want me too far. Funny how I was dealt this hand. My brother was off studying in Colorado having the time of his life skying and working part time in a cultivation farm. My sister on the other hand abroad in Rome. And here I was being prescribed downers because moving an hour away was too much stress. Needless to say if I did have anxiety it was being replaced with depression, or at the very least irritation.
“Is this going to take long?” I asked my mom as she drove me to the hospital.
“No I don’t think so. We’ll probably spend more time in the waiting room than anything else.”
“Great.” I couldn’t help but be salty about the whole event. Instead of going to the beach with my friends I was going to some lab to lay on a cold metal slab while some guys in lab suits and masks point lasers at my brain, and stick my with wires. It sounded cool in theory, almost sci-fi, but in reality, it was a boring and pointless inconvenience. I knew just as well as my mom and everyone else that they wouldn’t find anything. And even if they did it’s not like they would really be able to offer us any help. But with my medicine working over time it was what my psychiatrist had to recommend before increasing my dosage.
We pulled into the empty parking lot. It wasn’t outright vacant but for a hospital, even one as small as this lab wing it seemed strange for there to only be one other car.
“Are you sure this is the right place?”
“And we’re on time?”
“It’s the right day right? The 21st?”
“Yes!” My mom snapped, clearly as displeased by the whole affair as myself. She had taken off work for this, but in my defense I hadn’t eaten or drank anything but water for the past twelve hours. We both got out of the Sedan and made our way up towards the big puke green doors leading in. They looked automatic but weren’t moving for us when we got close.
“Looks like they’re closed..” I was beginning to say when they finally budged and slid for us. We were met with a long hallway, tiled and offset by white paint and fluorescent light. It tinged and had that distinct hospital smell. Like cheap soap covering up a pheromone of sickness, of old.
We made our way to the reception desk to a woman probably about thirty wearing blue scrubs and a dangling face mask. She raised an eyebrow and continued to type on her computer as me and my mom stood there.
“Ahem.” My mom cleared her throat, but the woman didn’t budge from her work.
“Have a seat, the technicians will be ready to see you in a moment.” She said without looking up. My mom was clearly taken aback by the inhumanity of it all.
“Don’t you need us to check in? My insurance?”
“After.” The woman snapped quickly darting her eyes up before brandishing a fake smile. She then returned to typing leaving the awkward pattering of fingers on keys hanging in the air between us. My mom and I walked over to the cheap plastic seats. They were low to the ground and rigid on my back. I felt like a helpless toddler looking up at the elevated receptionist in all her inconsideration. My mom shook her head and took her phone out as I looked up and down the hallways.
The lab didn’t seem right. It was too cold too alien to be a place people would willingly work or go to. I’d always heard of people having a fear of hospitals but I’d never had that. The lights were less unnatural there, the temperature a little warmer, there wasn’t the buzz of electronics, or the callousness of hallways lined in tile, hell they even had a lobby.
A door creaked open. A distinctly familiar sound that caught me by surprise. Before I could jump I heard a soft voice of an elderly woman coming from the emergence.
“We’re ready to see you now.” I stood up and started walking towards the nurse, looking back to see my mom lifting her head. She began to stand up when the nurse spoke up. “We can’t allow you inside the lab. It can effect the reading.”
Bewildered my mom nodded and sat back down. After a dry swallow I continued into the more lively part of the lab. There were low light plants lining a sill in front of a mural of birds, butterflies, bees, and rabbits frolicking in an open field. The nurse guided me down past the art to two metallic doors painted with red polka dots the size of basketballs. It felt less cold and overly sanitized, more like the hospital I usually went too.
“If you’d step in here please.” The nurse motioned me into a side room. It was lined with monitors and strange instruments, filing cabinets and a man in glasses who turned to smile as I entered. Standing he reached for my hand.
“Hello, I’m Doctor Webb. I’ll be conducting your scan today. Excited?” He asked in the way a tired teacher trying to express liveliness might. It was a curtesy to cut the tension which I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate. “If you wouldn’t mind putting these on,” he handed me gown with balloons on it. “The bathrooms right there. I suggest you use it as we won’t be able to interrupt the scan for you to go.”
“Do you have a different gown I could wear?”
“Oh, uh yes. Sarah.” Webb motioned and the nurse turned and opened a file cabinet revealing a baby blue apron for me.
“Thank you.”
When I returned to the observation room the nurse, Sarah led me through the door and into the other room with the machine. I’d imagined something more like a coffin that would close around me but the machine resembled a giant donut that I’d be placing my head into.
“Now make sure you stay as still as possible. And movement can interfere with the scan. We may ask you some questions while you’re in there and you’ll be able to answer us then.” She then had me lay down on the thin table, adjusting my hands to place them by my sides. She then instructed me to hold my breath for five seconds and release heavily. Then again for ten, and again for twenty. Once that was done the scan was ready to begin. “Also,” she said as she was about to exit the testing room. “Try and not fall asleep.”
Once she excited the room I heard a mechanical sound and the table I was on began to move my head into the donut. There was a radio static sound and I heard the typing of keys. Webb asked if I could hear him okay and I affirmed. Then there was a buzzing and they started the process. I was left staring at a metallic surface as the machine did it’s work. The doctor occasionally buzzing in to ask me if I was comfortable and feeling okay.
Things were going along normally when I started to notice it. Black dots were forming in the corners of my eyes and it felt like someone was watching me. Only not the doctors through their computers or window, but as if someone was in the room. Just then there was the crackling of the com as I expected the doctor to ask me how I was doing. Only the crackling of the incoming signal didn’t stop. It wasn’t interrupted by words or even the tapping of keys. It was just static scratching at my ear drums. I knew they had told me not to talk but I was worried now.
“Hello? Is everything okay?” I asked hearing the resonance of my voice bounce around the donut. But no answer came. Just the white noise of displaced radio waves. “H-hello?”
“AAAAAUGH GOD!!!” The blood curtailing screams didn’t come through the radio but from behind the glass of the viewing window, and even then they were loud enough for me to hear. In a panic I began to reach up around the donut to push myself out of the machine. No sooner had I began that I felt the grip of a hand on my ankle. Long nails biting into my flesh like dog’s teeth. I was yanked like a rag doll and flung out of the machine and across the room, hitting my head on the opposite wall before collapsing in a crumple.
I tried to stand but before I could I felt the foot behind me, kicking me down and into place. I felt the heel dig into my back and crack up my spine keeping me from turning my head or fighting back in any way. With my face pressed against the cold linoleum of the lab floor I wanted to see who or what was doing this to me. I wanted to see the window. See Doctor Webb and Nurse Sarah. I wanted to wake up.
I felt the hand again grab me by the mane of my neck and lift me with supernatural ease. I had a chance now to turn to see the glass of the viewing room, but all I saw was splashes of shinning red. I turned away quickly to see my feet elevated above the ground more than a foot.
“This isn’t real. You’re not real. You’re not real.” I was dropped. Released from the grasp of whatever was holding me. Landing with a small thud to the floor almost letting myself collapse. It would have been easier to go into a fetal position but I knew better. I had to face this. I had to wake up. I slowly began to turn but before I made the full rotation the lights power stopped and the lights went out leaving me and whatever was still here in the pitch black of a room the sunlight had never seen. I didn’t stop turning though, the dark wouldn’t be enough to keep my horrors from making themselves clear to me. I knew that much well enough. But by the time I finally faced where I was, where whatever had thrown me was, I felt the presence of nothing. The door to the observing room slowly crept open. I ran for it, I had to find my mom.
I felt the squish of what could only be the body of Sarah or Webb under my foot as I made my way through the observing room. There was a scent of sulfur and iron in the air. It took me a moment to navigate to the door leading back to the hallway but once there I saw the plants. The were colorful and vibrant, as if emitting their own light. I didn’t have time to consider how it could be as I began striding down the hallway. But as I passed each plant they fell behind me, knocked to the floor with the crunch of smashed pottery. And as I ran it felt like the hallway was getting longer. More plants materializing in front of me with every step.
Finally I turned and grabbed one of the plants before it ejected itself from the sill and threw the aloe or jade or whatever the hell it was down the hallway. Like dropping a penny down a well I found depth, and I knew I wasn’t far. I hadn’t stopped running, and I wasn’t going to. The whole time I was too concerned about getting back to my mom to even consider the fact that something might have been following me.
My foot crunched the broken pottery and I raised my hands to feel the red polka dotted door. I had to scan to find the handle but once I did I wish I hadn’t.
There was a burst of light and arctic cold that blasted me back onto my ass. The hallway was gone. The lab was gone. In its place was a suburban street overrun with glacier and ice. It was my home town, but it was foreign to me. I’d never dreamed something like this before..
I stood up, slowly now. There was danger, there couldn’t be. When there is no reality, no true secure world to grasp on to, nothing can really harm you. I stepped out with my bloodied bare feet and hospital gown into the white.
“Mom!” I shouted down the street. My voice carried like a horn echoing off of the homes and abandoned vehicles imperturbably trapped in ice. No answer came as I began to walk down the street, aware yet unfazed by the cold temperatures. And then I saw her.
She was standing at the edge of the driveway leading to what appeared to be my house, only it was twisted. The would shifting in geometrical patterns, climbing itself and bending upwards into the absence that should have been the sky. I watched as the chimney stampeded over itself in the form of a million little beetles, and my mail box ages from tin to rust to dust before my eyes. She turned and smiled at me, waving me to come closer.
I followed her, down the driveway and into my house. The door opened like a deck of cards being shuffled but before I could step in my mom placed her hand on my chest. She pointed to the ground to reveal jagged knife like bones sticking out of the ground. We had to step carefully around them, slowly and methodically. She led me to the stairs and we began our slow ascension.
“What’s happening?” I asked my mom as she continued to step in silence. The stairs beneath us twisting into a spiral, the walls falling away like paper in the wind. When we finally approached the bedroom hallway the distortions started to fade away. The walls began to piece themselves back into a form that made sense. The bones began to sink into the ground. And warmth began to return. It felt wrong. Not incorrect, or unnerving. It felt wrong to be in such a mundane place again.
My mom looked at me and smiled as she opened her bed room door, inclining me without words to do the same to my own. Parting from her I did. The walls were lined with all my old posters, my old toys and clothes that I hadn’t worn in years. And there in my bed I saw a small boy. A much younger version of myself staring at me. He was as curious about me as I was terrified of him.
“It’s going to sting.” I turned to see my mom behind me smiling, only she had a tear in her eye.
“Why? Why does it always have to hurt?” She looked at me wiping the tears. My younger self watching from our bed unable to look away.
“Because it’s not nothing.” She took my hand and looked sadly at my younger self. And as I looked to the memory started to dawn on me. I hadn’t gone to the hospital with my mom. I wasn’t going to be going to college. I had been to college. I had gone with my granddaughter.
As the bedroom began to slip away replacing itself with the whiteness of the frosted incomprehensible world that projected it before me, I could hear a faint kazoo singing out like a bird early in the morning.
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2022.01.19 19:06 HunterGreene66 Trying to identify this electronic lights/sounds helicopter I had as a kid (early 1990s). It had a wired pistol-grip controller that you could mount underneath and hold while you played.

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2022.01.19 19:06 ushamin96 Pride Den - 18+ LGBTQIA+ Server - Open to Allies as well! - Great, safe environment for those looking to meet up with like-minded individuals and have a place to be themselves. We have a Hunger Games simulator, Question of the Day, Daily Mental Health Check-In, and more to come!

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2022.01.19 19:06 Dramatically_Average Anyone ventured out in the ice?

I am trying my best not to go anywhere, but I think I have to. Has anyone gone out on the roads to give an update? Is it doable?
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2022.01.19 19:06 Peidi06 Are my soles tasty

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2022.01.19 19:06 MrTenBillion Why is my lag so bad

Every time I try to play on my PS4 pro, I play for 3-5 mins and then I start going to 700-1100 ping and I can’t play the game, it happens every game how do I fix this
I’m connected wirelessly, my wifi is normally fine, what do I do?
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2022.01.19 19:06 popcornmunchtard Video game stock post but I believe this applies to what 45 is doing to the swamp.

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2022.01.19 19:06 SeaAir5 That's promising

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2022.01.19 19:06 groovygrandfather What Pgh restaurant would you reccomend for a nice dinner out with a large group of friends?

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2022.01.19 19:06 Bucktail2 Phys 401 Difficulty?

Anyone here taken Phys 401 and could tell me a bit about the class? The only info I've really found is an old post saying the lab reports suck. Also GPA++ says that the average GPA for the prof teaching it this semester is like a 2.85
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2022.01.19 19:06 Crystal_Sage07 Is anyone trading bahias paci for 40-45k?

I know it’s on the lower end but I’ve seen it done a few times so just wondering :3
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2022.01.19 19:06 nicksnax Leagues Todt Worlds?

Any been "decided" yet?
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