I wish

2021.10.26 06:51 hocuspocusgottafocus I wish

I could be as enamoured with you
As you seem to be with me, but
I'm not, and I don't know why
You seem to like me so much
But I'm sorry, I don't enjoy you
To the same extent you seem
To enjoy my presence and for that
I'm sorry, I think it's best
We don't hang out anymore
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2021.10.26 06:51 svanapps How to protect yourself against ICO Pitfalls

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2021.10.26 06:51 Thespectrumofgrey Zara has many sketch-like shirts but any idea what this exact product is called? (from Zara kids collection)

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2021.10.26 06:51 Conansson How i as a new player climbed to Silver 4 as an ADC

i first want to thank all of you for helping me on this journey, i know Silver 4 is not that much but for me, it is a big step, especially since i managed it as an ADC (which is said to be the worst in Low Elo) without a Duo. I want to share some tips on how i eventually escaped Bronze. I started playing a few months ago and first looked up all the champs and their basic abilities. Later i headed to PBE and just played a few of them that i didn't fully understand just to get a grasp of them (Katarina/Irelia etc.). I played almost only Ashe and Kai'Sa (https://euw.op.gg/summoneuserName=Conansson).
Here are the 3 Tips that helped me the most:

  1. Ping everything
Communication is very important in a teamgame and you as ADC are the most frail and team - reliant member on your team. You also have to communicate with your support. I didn't fullmute chat, but immediatly muted whenever someone wrote anything nonproductive like "hey guys whatsup". Chat is like looking at your phone while driving a car and everything can be communicated with Pings. Don't want to fight because Jungler is in the area? Danger Ping + Jgl alive ping. Want to stay in lane for 200 more gold? Ping on the way to lane, ping the item you want to buy. Enemy support goes roaming? Triple danger ping up River and "Support is Alive" Ping. Never misuse pings and mute people who Question Mark spam repetitively.
  1. Learn to Farm
Now this might sound trivial, but as a new player, i underestimated how much farming matters and that it should be the number 2 priority after not getting hooked. When i started, i missed a lot of CS as Ashe and just thought "it's fine, I'm a lategame champ, once i have Runaan's I will catch up", completely missing that i will get Runaan's later the worse i farm. Go into practice tool with the champ you want to master and just focus on hitting every single CS (i don't like the Soraka drills, just practiced as Ashe over and over until i got the first 3 waves perfect). Especially as a lategame champ, you need to hit those powerspikes or you just stay useless.
  1. Play to improve, not to climb
This last one is a mindset thing, but don't look at your rank or at your opponent's winrate each game because it will affect how you play. That 72% winrate Draven might have such a high winrate bc everybody is fighting him and he is a 1v1 god, or because everybody is afraid of him and he gets to farm freely. Limit test and don't just assume your Opponents know what to do. Until you are like 0/3, there is no need to play super passively (don't run it down of course, but test how far you can go). I once drove a Draven/Thresh out of Lane as Ashe Yuumi because Thresh missed Hook and draven kept trying to hit me but i just walked back and forth. Even if you lose a game or two, it doesn't matter as long as you keep improving. Don't blame anyone else for the losses, you can carry any bronze game even as ADC as long as you are good enough. This is also the Reason you should only play 2 champs, since you will then improve on them (i won 2 games in Promos as Kai'Sa despite her being ranked D - Tier in the current patch because i played her a lot).
Lastly, i recommend CookieLol's Iron to Masters Series, it's the best educational content i know and it basically taught me the matchups and how to play around Cooldowns etc.
Thanks for the Reading, I hope i could help some fellow ADCs out!
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2021.10.26 06:51 First-Future-8858 🐕HERODOGE LAUNCH TODAY 🌌| 8% Automated DOGE rewards | Website – Stickerpack – Promo videos and active dev team!⚽

🐕HERODOGE had a rocky launch but it’s mooning right now! We just broke all time high as marketing starts to reach out! The community is super friendly and the promo material looks is premium!
🐕Every 60 minutes the contract auto redistributes DOGECOIN ($DOGE) to all holders. You can also trigger the reward by selling 1 HERODOGE to get your DOGECOIN reward instantly!
The Token:
🐕HERODOGE has a total circulation of 1 billion tokens! Come and get your cut!
🐕A max wallet of 3% is implemented. This prevents bigger whales from form but gives buyers the chance to obtain a healthy amount of the total supply! So fancy!
🐕10% fees. Of every transaction 8% features $DOGE redistribution to our holders. These are automated or can be triggered by selling 1 ShinobiDoge. We’ve seen some awesome printscreen of people just getting out their initial and even profiting just from holding.
🐕Next to that there is a 2% marketing fee. We’ve already launched some reddit boosting.
🐕Our telegram is slowly growing into an awesome community, of friendly investors and dedicated holders. Be sure to check it out and join the hype!
🐕The website looks lit and really fits the Shinobi Theme well! Sticker packs are on point and the promotional shill video’s only bring up the premium feel to the next level! Shilling this token is EZ
More Info:
Max Circulation 1,000,000,000
Maximum Tokens per Wallet 3%
6% TAX on transactions distributed as follows;
4% DOGE rewards for holders
2% BNB reflection to marketing wallet
📊 Important Links:
📖Contract: 0x8919De888Fba9Bd726098A9E0F9b6Ef5933235DB
🥞 Buy Now : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8919De888Fba9Bd726098A9E0F9b6Ef5933235DB
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8919De888Fba9Bd726098A9E0F9b6Ef5933235DB#readContract
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2021.10.26 06:51 Gamed_Out I hated this thing for a while. Now I love using my Pot! It’s been a long battle to get it right, but I’m getting there.

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2021.10.26 06:51 Vlad-The-Compiler HUD now working.

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2021.10.26 06:51 Professional-Cow7083 Login • Instagram

Инстаграмм , ознакомление с платформой moonbeamnetwork
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2021.10.26 06:51 throwaway_rebranded Take me out to the ball game / pt 1

That one girl everybody hated
You know the one, the obnoxious loud girl in school with no social awareness
The one who talked too much
Who joined circles of people that didn’t want her and said awkward things
The girl who got mean notes in her locker and then got the whole school in trouble for it
That girl was me.
As an adult I was driven to be successful, but more than anything, I wanted to be hot.
At age 25 I got a nose job. It worked.
I got more modeling and acting gigs, more guys took a second look at me.
One day a guy friend came back from New York and called me. He had just divorced his wife and wanted to fuck.
He made me do it staring at us in the mirror. So THATS what I look like.
Years of dieting and exercise were never going to be enough.
I booked a flight to the Dominican Republic for a BBL. Took a whole year to recover but I had surgically transferred most of my body fat to my ass.
As the new owner of a Kardashian body, I did the only thing that made sense - I auditioned to be an MLB t-shirt girl.
I aced the audition. But I overheard the veterans, the mean girls, making fun of another candidate who was plus-sized.
The terror of years of bullying crept up and had me fuming. One of them asked what I did for work.
Stupid me answered honestly.
I’m a professional catfish.
That was my part-time actor side hustle.
I worked for a company that wrote rich dudes Match.com profiles and then ran their profiles for them. We had a phone number quota. 2 hot girls phone numbers a month or your money back!
The veterans stared at me.
Then I was called in for an interview.
When I got the invitation phone call the next day I almost said no.
But I said yes…because stadium of 40,000 fans?
And validation. They don’t put that uniform on you and let you dance on the dugout if you’re ugly.
/part 1
To come: DMs from up above…players with fetishes…players with nervous breakdowns…hacking the Bumble algorithm…how i can secretly tell whether a prospect will pan out…rumors and lies…
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2021.10.26 06:51 JustinMBailey Lazy Pumpkin Carving

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2021.10.26 06:51 Rtat1140 Glock 22 gen 2 need spring replacement

Pretty much what the title says couldn't see any reason the springs aren't interchangeable through generations but it never hurts to be safe especially with firearms. Will any Glock 22 spring I order work or do I for some reason need to make sure its specifically for gen 2? Thanks I'm advance
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2021.10.26 06:51 Critical_Number_8088 🔥MagicDOGE Launching Now⭐️ 10% Rewards with ANY token you want! ⭐️ Liquidity locked 3 years ⭐️ Doxxed Team ⭐️ Audited CA

💰 MagicDOGE gives Rewards with ANY token you want with each transaction!
⭐️ Endorsed by celebrities from around the world, MagicDOGE is here to set the BSC space on fire! MagicDOGE is a new crypto token with an unheard tokenomics that will grant up to 10% rewards with any token of your choice that you can change to anything you want anytime!
🛒 MagicDOGE is a state of the art cryptocurrency that unifies all major eCommerce platforms, allowing consumers to enjoy online shopping seamlessly, securely, and cost-effectively. It serves as the bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the physical world to satisfy consumers who previously couldn’t shop while using their digital assets. With the technology infrastructure offered by our shop website Use MagicDOGE to purchase thousands of popular products from any country and have them ship to your doorstep anywhere in the world with the cheapest prices in the market, such as Electronics, Fashion, Home & Garden, Toys & Sports, Automobiles and More..
💵 On every transaction, MagicDOGE rewards its holders with any token of their choice that they can change it anytime to anything from Dashboard
Buy 7%
🤑 3% Rewards to holders with any token of your choice! You can change it anytime from Dashboard.
✔️ 2% Auto-Liquidity
⭐️ 2% Marketing
Sell 7%
🤑 2% Rewards to holders with any token of your choice! You can change it anytime from Dashboard.
✔️ 1% Auto-Liquidity
⭐️ 4% Marketing
🔐The trading in PancakeSwap will start in 1H and the liquidity is locked automatically for more than 3 year. The contract audited by Solidproof.
For additional information about the project please contact team via:
🌈 Contract: 0x7f31f086a203c0c7538034827482674b5b4099e4
🌈Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x7f31f086a203c0c7538034827482674b5b4099e4
🌈LP Locked 2 YEAR :https://deeplock.io/lock/0x238bfe729bda5dc05e366120a524f0af59533a4c
🌈Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7f31f086a203c0c7538034827482674b5b4099e4#readContract
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2021.10.26 06:51 Ultimating_is_fun Seeking an Audiobook app that lets me play my own audiobooks on one device. pick up a different device, and resume where I left off on the first device.

Basically just want an app that will sync where I left off between devices. I want to listen in my car, resume at the gym, then resume again in the car, and so forth.
Willing to pay.
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2021.10.26 06:51 BaronRodriguez Big Jullien and His All Star - Pace [France, Jazz/Funk/Big Band] (1970)

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2021.10.26 06:51 AvinashZohsaheur ⭐⭐ BOBA'S ALLIANCE ⭐⭐ 60M - 401M GP ~ US/EU/AP Guilds ~ Focused/Optional TW ~ GEO & HOTH guilds ~ Up to 33⭐ DS-GTB and up to 31⭐ LS-GTB

⭐⭐ BOBA'S ALLIANCE ⭐⭐ 60M - 401M GP ~ US/EU/AP Guilds ~ Focused/Optional TW ~ GEO & HOTH guilds ~ Up to 33⭐ DS-GTB and up to 31⭐ LS-GTB submitted by AvinashZohsaheur to SWGOHRecruiting [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 06:51 WierdoXIII I've been wondering

Will we get all star points from previous upgrades in the update? 🤔
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2021.10.26 06:51 _blue_heat_ The COVIDSafe App Has Now Cost $9 Million To Do Basically Nothing.

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2021.10.26 06:51 Short-Path-3389 What a lethal! Telescope>called shot>parallel convergence plus some pranks . That's why i love shellfolk decks!

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2021.10.26 06:51 Bratmomjad [Contest] why am I awake

I figured since I was awake why not do a contest. Rules are simple, take a wild guess why I am awake. Hint: it's not the usual reasons. Tag a friend, have fun, DBAD!
Ends Thursday night.
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2021.10.26 06:51 ZoolShop Japan’s Princess Mako marries college sweetheart in low-key ceremony

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2021.10.26 06:51 Weak_Recognition9649 🐕 $SatoShiba 🚀 Stealth LAUNCH 🚫No Bots

The creator of Bitcoin Satoshi, will always be a staple in the world of crypto, we were inspired by the creator to present you SatoShiba. The new Shiba meme token with an ultimate goal to find SATOSHI NAKAMOTO 🐕👨
We hope that between the team and the community, we can pull together our resources to locate and identify the mysterious man or woman that brought us into this financial-crypto revolution we are living today! We know others have tried before us, but we are hoping we can build a community big enough to finally solve this mystery!
We have a buyback wallet to help purchase and promote a healthy chart, as well as a marketing wallet that will provide us the means to get this project off the ground! We will also have a 1% Dev wallet, which will allow the team more available resources to put towards our goal!
✅ Contract Address: 0x55abe8a8b5d652e6221ab72c7b40787b4096bf46
✅ Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x55abe8a8b5d652e6221ab72c7b40787b4096bf46
✅Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x55abe8a8b5d652e6221ab72c7b40787b4096bf46#readContract
Welcome to SatoShiba!
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2021.10.26 06:51 jbzfrench H: listed below W: BE Flamer, ty

Priority Flamer rn but always looking for handmade BE25, hm and fixer V2525 ; Tesla BE ; Laser VE15fr. I have :

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2021.10.26 06:51 Felixrr_cc Mi Browser gesture

There has to be some gesture that runs the Mi Browser, I apparently do it all the time but have no idea what it is.
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2021.10.26 06:51 Catgamer_reveals Something we all want

Hello dear Mathew
I think that all we want is a theory on Deltarune chapter 2 and Poppys playtime. If you cant make these theory's then please pick at least one:
Sincerely, A fellow theorist
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2021.10.26 06:51 Skullspidey Is this how humans sit?

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